Event: Landing a Job During The New Year

The Legit Work from Home Brand of Groups with over 104,000 members (A program of Hope Gain Network) will be hosting a speaker every month of 2021 to give insightful advice on themed topics related to mental health and work from home.
We a so very excited to announce January’s speaker Jonathan Javier

Jonathan Javier is the CEO/Founder of Wonsulting, which mission is to “turn underdogs into winners”. He’s also worked in the Strategy and Operations team at Snap, Google, and Cisco coming from a non-target school/non-traditional background. He works on many initiatives, providing advice and words of wisdom on LinkedIn and through speaking engagements. In total, he has led 170+ workshops in 9 different countries including the Mena ICT Forum in Jordan, Resume/Personal Branding at Cisco, LinkedIn Strategy & Operations Offsite, Great Place To Work, Talks at Google, TEDx, and more. He’s amassed 80,000+ followers on LinkedIn in 8 months as well as 15+ million impressions yearly on his content.

Johnathan comes with the heat! dropping some amazing gems on getting and finding in an amazing job.

Jonathan also let me in on a secret when you sign up at this link https://lu.ma/LegitWorkFromHomeJWoW you will receive some really awesome digital freebies including one on resume planning.
Hosting the event is Sheri Munsell President of Hope Gain Network a 501c3 Tax Exempt Nonprofit committed to connecting those that live with mental illness to a legitimate remote career.



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