Change the Stigma On Mental Illness In The Workplace

This petition is essential as nearly 1, and 5 Americans have mental illness 46.6 million. However, 61 percent of respondents feel a social stigma in the workplace toward colleagues with mental health issues. And 70 percent of employees who missed work due to mental health issues did not inform their manager that this was the reason.

Employers not creating a safe place for employees increase the gap in transparency for those with mental illness and continues the idea that people should be ashamed of mental illness even though so many people face it every day.

As mental illness is increasing due to the pandemic in America is more crucial than ever for employers to understand and empathize with their employees.

So the question is how we will get it done.

One of the first steps will be to have as many signatures as possible.

We will personally contact major employers with these signatures and explain why this is important to so many Americans. The more numbers we have, the more employers will take this seriously.
We will start to connect companies that want to participate to the companies that provide mental health sensitivity training.
We will encourage major companies that participate to release press releases; the more employers that see how this impact is essential, the more companies will participate.
Add companies that hire remotely and are committed to a safe workplace for those that have a mental illness to the Hope Gain Network companies that care database.


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