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Mental Health Friendly Employers Matter
We are Celebrating the Champions!

In total, poor mental health was estimated to cost the world economy approximately $2·5 trillion per year in poor health and reduced productivity in 2010, a cost projected to rise to $6 trillion by 2030

The Companies That Care Database hopes to be a direct collaboration program with employers that go above and beyond to assist those that have a mental illness that they employ. This program also focuses on creating a partnership with companies to place individuals in a safe remote working environment and includes a database of mental illness-friendly companies.

We measure this program’s success on the number of companies that commit to our database and how many individuals we can ensure are employed from our database.

Our Database is Growing

We are still in the process of developing our database and it is constantly growing.

Also please note that many of the employers on our list have no association to hope gain. However, every employer on our list was nominated by a current employee that lives with mental health challenges.

The Hartford

“-Great work from home company for anyone with mental health challenges.
-The Hartford is understanding of needing to take breaks. EAP Services, Free Counseling Sessions and
offer flexible work options”


“-Great work from home company for someone living with anxiety or depression
-They offer ADAAA so they can try to accommodate your needs. They offer resources for support”

Americollect Inc

-“we have cultivated an environment that radiates positivity and a culture that is one of a kind”
-“Unlike other agencies, our team members are trained on the idea that any of us, at any point in our lives, can fall on hard times.”
-WFH roles in the state of Wisconsin only. You are given 3 off days per month.


Flexible schedule


-Mental Health company passionate about the mental health of their employees
-Many remote positions open

Common Spirit

-As one of the leading health care providers in the US, Dignity Health acknowledges stressful working conditions in its organization.
-Long working hours can take a toll on the mental health of healthcare providers.
-Therefore, they are keen to advocate for mental health and help their employees overcome challenging times.
-They have an interdisciplinary steering committee whose main role is to offer healthcare providers and caregivers tools and resources for resilience and wellbeing.
-They offer peer support, reflective pauses, and compassion skills training.
-Many remote positions available

Mod Sqaud

Great company for someone with PTSD and other mental health challenges as they offer nonphone and a flexible schedule

Mission Lane

-Great company for anyone living with any mental health challenges. They covers all health insurance including life insurance, has paid “personal holidays” and pto/mental health days
-They cover therapy, and you also get a free subscription to the calm meditation app.

Cigna Health

Mental Health resources are free of charge. Great work environment


Very understanding of mental health challenges great company for those living with depression


-Mental Health Company that prioritizes the mental health of their employees
-Many remote positions available


“Every day, our people of change are doing incredible things by working together to pursue our shared purpose–to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity.”

Progressive Insurance

Extremely accommodating to disabilities and a great place to work

Direct Interactions

Limited by state and may not offer jobs in your state however they are sensitive to mental health needs

Unum Insurance

Meditation sessions and mental health check-ins during team meetings. Free mental health virtual visits. Free access to Sanvello app.

Interior Define

One mandatory mental health day per month


-Mental Health company that prioritizes the mental health of their employees
-Many remote positions open


-They provide holistic resources for their employees and develop a dialogue around mental, emotional, and financial health.
-They take mental health seriously and offer many other benefits
-Many remote positions available


-The company’s ‘Your Health Matters’ program places special emphasis on “meeting employees where they are” via text, mobile app, website, and telephone.
-Many remote positions available


“-Prioritizes mental health by providing a well-being program that addresses physical, emotional, mental and purposeful
-Many remote positions available”


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