Landing a Job During The New Year

January 9, 2021 at 8:00 pm Live on Facebook Get Free Ticket

Landing a Job During The New Year

The Legit Work from Home Brand of Groups with over 104,000 members (A program of Hope Gain Network) will be hosting a speaker every month of 2021 to give insightful advice on themed topics related to mental health and work from home.

We a so very excited to announce January’s speaker Jonathan Javier

Jonathan Javier is the CEO/Founder of Wonsulting, which mission is to “turn underdogs into winners”. He’s also worked in the Strategy and Operations team at Snap, Google, and Cisco coming from a non-target school/non-traditional background. He works on many initiatives, providing advice and words of wisdom on LinkedIn and through speaking engagements. In total, he has led 170+ workshops in 9 different countries including the Mena ICT Forum in Jordan, Resume/Personal Branding at Cisco, LinkedIn Strategy & Operations Offsite, Great Place To Work, Talks at Google, TEDx, and more. He’s amassed 80,000+ followers on LinkedIn in 8 months as well as 15+ million impressions yearly on his content.

Johnathan comes with the heat! dropping some amazing gems on getting and finding in an amazing job.
Jonathan also let me in on a secret when you sign up at this link you will receive some really awesome digital freebies including one on resume planning.

Hosting the event is Sheri Munsell President of Hope Gain Network a 501c3 Tax Exempt Nonprofit committed to connecting those that live with mental illness to a legitimate remote career.

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