Lift GR Program



Imagine going to work and not feeling comfortable because of your race. Imagine if you had another option to work where you are safe at home. .

How Our Program Works

The Uplift GR program provides opportunities for BIPOC and breaks down barriers that cause mental health challenges due to microaggressions in the workplace.

Through our program, BIPOC people ages 15-65 can choose a new career path in Marketing and Social Media, Data Analytics, Project Management, IT Support or User Experience Design giving them the opportunity to work from home

Our program is

  1. Free to Join through our program
  2. You will get access to all google career certifications (these are all self-paced but you’re given suggested dates so you can complete in 6 months), and you can enroll in as many as you like (don’t enroll in ones you don’t plan on completing). 
  3. After completion, you will have access to a database of companies waiting to hire people with these certifications; these employers will not require any other education.
  4. After completion, you will have help from our nonprofit in finding a career in your field.
  5. After completion, you will have access to Big Interview, which is a mock interview software.
  6. After completion, you will have access to Google’s resume workshop.

Why We Created Program:

According to Pfizer. Research continues to show that racism and discrimination contribute to poor health among minorities and people of color, resulting in increased rates of depression, prolonged stress and trauma, anxiety, even heart disease and type 2 diabetes.6-8

Apply to Lift GR

Participants Requirements

  • Have to be at least 16-65
  • Must to complete any certification you sign up for
  • Must agree to photo release (we will not take photos of your face or share who you are)
  • Must be BIPOC
  • Must be a Kent County Resident


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