Landing a Job During The New Year With Jonathan Javier


We are joined by Jonathon Javier, CEO of Wonsulting whose mission is to help “Individuals from non-traditional backgrounds land their dream jobs” (“Where Underdogs turn into Winners”, n.d.) shares with us the key to utilizing LinkedIn to get dream jobs. In this video, he goes over several key things to know. The first thing that he focuses on is the idea of using LinkedIn to find jobs.

90% of people are passive on LinkedIn, however, the goal is to be as active as possible by posting content, messaging people, and commenting on content. There are four tiers to be in when applying to a job: 

  1. Tier four: Applying with maybe a thousand others 
  2. Tier Three: Applying with maybe twenty who get it referred for job
  3. Tier Two: Applying with maybe 10 who got referred by people on the company team 
  4. Tier one: Applying with maybe one or two who got referred by the hiring manager 

Generally, you get hired if you’re in tier one or two. So what do you do with this information? What you do is you search for a job,  look at alumni in this type of job, and look at their hired posts. The people they tag are generally the hiring managers or the people who helped them get the job. From there you send these tagged people invites with a personalized message. Send a follow-up message and try to get on the phone with them. At the end of the phone call say,  “thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me I was interested in this job at x(company) I am interested in how do I get an interview?”.  They’ll either be able to refer you for an interview or they can send you in the direction of someone who can. 

The second thing to do is to develop your digital footprint. What Jonathan means with this is you should always keep your LinkedIn up-to-date. Additionally, your LinkedIn should have a short concise summary about what your roles and passions are in life. Lastly, you should have your current company and previous roles that you’ve been in. 

So now finally, here’s Jonathan‘s challenge to you: create a LinkedIn post responding to the question: what’s your story? Tag Jonathan and his company and then look at who viewed your post and add everyone who you want to potentially get a job from. 

As a final reminder, these are the current  Facebook groups for you to join: 

  1. Legit From Home  Advanced Group: A group for individuals looking for 30K+ jobs  
  2. Legit From Home Community Group: A group for individuals who want more of a community feel and people who will support them in their search for a job
  3. Legit Work from Home public group: Has job links only
  4. Legit from Home Discussion Group: A group for work from home questions and job links


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